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Our NC General Assembly introduces and passes numerous bills each year that impact the quality of life in Western North Carolina. The Western North Carolina Vote Tracker provides information on important legislation passed in the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016: Economic Security; Education; Environment; Health & Safety; Government & Democracy; and Women's Issues. The WNC Vote Tracker also offers an overview of the state budget - arguably the most important legislation passed each year.

Use the "Bills" navigation tab to view important legislation in each category and see how WNC legislators voted. Several of the bills are included in multiple categories. 

Legislators may vote on a bill several times as the bill moves through committees and to final passage. Bills are usually changed, or amended, from their introduction to final passage. The WNC Vote Tracker only tracked bills that were passed and records legislators' votes on the last recorded vote for the bill's passage. 

Some bills, especially the budget bill, are very complex and contain numerous provisions that legislators must consider before voting. Legislators may not agree with all the provisions of a bill but may still vote for it. The WNC Vote Tracker does not track all provisions of the bills listed - instead only focusing on provisions impacting our six categories. The WNC Vote Tracker does not rank or rate legislators by their votes. 

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