Democracy works when people claim it as their own. ~Bill Moyers

The sponsors of the WNC Vote Tracker encourage you to learn more about how your government works and participate in the process as a voter and advocate for issues important to you. Here is a compilation of links to other websites that will help you get informed, get engaged, and use your voice. 


North Carolina General Assembly: Our legislature makes it easy to look up bills, track votes, find contact information, follow the legislative calendar, and even listen to select committee and legislative hearings/debate. 

Structure of the North Carolina General Assembly: Good place to start when understanding the legislature.

How a law is made in North Carolina: Many of us learned a similar lesson about the Congressional process from a singing cartoon "bill." Our state process is worth studying so you can understand the process a bill follows to become a law (or not). To see the process as a graphic, click here.

Who represents you? Visit this resource to find out who your legislators are. 

Voter registration information: Step one to participating in your democracy is registering to vote. 

North Carolina General Assembly Audio Broadcast: When the legislature is in session, check this site out for real-time broadcasts of committees and floor debate.