HB 1080: Achievement School District

The Votes

Voting For:

SENATE: Tom Apodaca (R), Warren Daniel (R), Jim Davis (R), Ralph Hise (R)

HOUSE: Hugh Blackwell (R), Mike Hagar (R), Jonathan Jordan (R), Chuck McGrady (R), Michele Presnell (R), Roger West (R), Chris Whitmire (R))

Voting Against:

SENATE: Terry Van Duyn (D)

HOUSE: Josh Dobson (R), John Ager (D), Susan Fisher (D), Brian Turner (D)

Not Voting:

HOUSE: Joe Sam Queen (D), excused absence

Summary:  This bill establishes an “Achievement School District” under the State Board of Education that can take over five low-performing schools from local school districts and turn them over to private entities, like non-profit and for-profit charter school operators. An “Achievement School District” (ASD) is comprised of five schools chosen from the bottom 25 percent of schools across the state that would either be closed entirely or turned over to charter school operators that are not required to be non-profits and may be located out of state. These operators do not have experience running this type of school, as they are generally prepared to run schools that open from scratch rather than take over existing ones with established attendance zones.   Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: 05/10/2016 House Filed, House Ref To Com On Education - K-12, House Re-ref Com On Education - K-12, Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate, Senate Re-ref Com On Education/Higher Education, 06/30/2016  Ratified,  Signed by Gov. McCrory 7/22/2016

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: 

  • none