HB 318: Protect North Carolina’s Worker’s Act 

The Votes

Voting For:

SENATE: Tom Apodaca (R), Warren Daniel (R), Jim Davis (R), Ralph Hise (R), Dan Soucek (R)

HOUSE: Hugh Blackwell (R), Josh Dobson (R), Mike Hager (R), Jonathan Jordan (R), Chick McGrady (R), Michele Presnell (R), Roger West (R), Chris Whitmire (R)

Voting Against:

SENATE: Terry Van Duyn (D)

HOUSE: John Ager (D), Joe Sam Queen (D), Brian Turner (D)

Not Voting:

HOUSE: Susan Fisher (D), excused absence

Summary: House Bill 318 includes a number of provisions regarding undocumented immigrants in addition to new restrictions on food assistance. With regards to immigration, the bill contains two primary provisions: 1. It limits the types of IDs that are considered valid by the government; 2. It bans "sanctuary cities" where local law enforcement isn't required to cooperate with federal deportation efforts. The food assistance provision cuts the amount of time childless adults can receive food assistance, even though it is 100% federally funded.  Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: Introduced in the House on 03/19/2015, Ref to the Com on Commerce and Job Development, House Re-ref Com On Judiciary IV, Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate, ratified on 09/29/2015. Signed by the Gov. McCrory on 09/30/2015.

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: 

  • Primary: Chris Whitmire (R)
  • Co-Sponsor: Hugh Blackwell (R)