HB 392: Warrant Status/Drug Screen Public Assist

Summary: Requires all local Departments of Social Services (DSS) to run criminal background checks on applicants/clients for public assistance and for DSS workers to notify law enforcement of any outstanding warrants. Denies certain public assistance benefits to persons fleeing arrest, violating parole, or with outstanding warrants. Requires applicants/clients for the Work First program to be screened for drugs if DSS suspects them of substance abuse. Denies Work First to anyone testing positive for controlled substances. Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: Introduced in the House, heard in the House Committee on Health and Human Services, Senate Committee on Health Care, and the House Committee on Rules, Calender, and Operations of the House. Passed 7/26/2013. Vetoed by Gov. McCrory on 8/15/2013. Veto overridden and made into law by the legislature on 9/4/2013.

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: none

[Note: If vote was different for the veto override than the original passage it is noted below]

Voting for HB 392
Rep. Roger West (R) [excused absent for veto override vote]
Rep. Michelle Presnell (R)
Rep. Joe Sam Queen (D)
Rep. Chuck McGrady (R) [excused absent for veto override vote]
Rep. Tim Moffitt (R)
Rep. Nathan Ramsey (R) [voted against overriding the veto]
Rep. Chris Whitmire (R)
Rep. Mike Hager (R)
Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R)
Rep. Josh Dobson (R)
Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R)

Sen. Jim Davis (R)
Sen. Tom Apodaca (R)
Sen. Martin Nesbitt (D) [voted against overriding the veto]
Sen. Ralph Hise (R)
Sen. Warren Daniel (R) [excused absent for veto override vote]
Sen. Dan Soucek (R)
Voting Against HB 392
Rep. Susan Fisher (D)
Not Voting