HB 74: Regulatory Reform Act of 2013

Summary: Key environmental issues:  

  1. Changes groundwater contamination cleanup rules so that clean up is not required until contamination reaches the property boundary (previous rules required clean up before spreading to a property boundary)
  2. Allows local governments to adopt environmental rules stricter than state or federal rules only by unaminous vote; 
  3. Requires the state to review and re-adopt most environmental rules within certain deadlines or the rules automatically expire; 
  4. Overrides local government regulations that restrict billboard placement and size; 
  5. Changes requirements for landfill placement and maintenance that remove pollution protections for residents and the environment; 
  6. Allows garbage trucks to be only "leak resistant" instead of "leak proof"; 
  7. Eliminates the Mountain ResourceSenate Committeemission, a non-regulatory commission established in 2008 to take care of NC's natural resources, enhance and sustain quality of life, and ensure the long term health of the mountain region and people; 

Key Economic Security issue: Prohibits local governments from adopting or enforcing existing living wage policies and/or paid sick leave for city or county contract workers. 

Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: Introduced in the House, heard in the House Committee on Regulatory Reform, Senate Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate, and House Committee on Rules, Calender and Operations. Passed 7/26/2013. Signed by Gov. McCrory into law 8/23/2013.

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill:

  • Sponsors: Rep. Jordan (HD 93)

Voting for HB 74
Rep. Michelle Presnell (R)
Rep. Tim Moffitt (R)
Rep. Nathan Ramsey (R)
Rep. Chris Whitmire (R)
Rep. Mike Hager (R)
Rep. Josh Dobson (R)
Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R)

Sen. Tom Apodaca (R)
Sen. Ralph Hise (R)
Sen. Dan Soucek (R)
Voting Against HB 74
Rep. Joe Sam Queen (D)
Rep. Chuck McGrady (R)
Rep. Susan Fisher (D)
Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R)

Sen. Martin Nesbitt (D)
Sen. Warren Daniel (R)
Not Voting
Rep. Roger West (R) - excused absence

Sen. Jim Davis (R) - excused absence