SB 119: GSC Technical Corrections 2015

The Votes

Voting For:

SENATE: Tom Apodaca (R), Warren Daniel (R), Ralph Hise (R), Dan Soucek (R)

HOUSE: Josh Dobson (R), Mike Hagar (R), Jonathan Jordan (R), Michele Presnell (R), Chris Whitmire (R)

Voting Against:

SENATE: Terry Van Duyn (D)

HOUSE: John Ager (D), Joe Sam Queen (D), Brian Turner (D), Chuck McGrady (R)

Not Voting:

SENATE: Jim Davis (R) excused absence

HOUSE: Susan Fisher (D) excused absence,  Roger West (R) excused absence

Summary: SB 119 severely limits local regulation of  hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations. Senate Bill 119 rewrites the  2014 law to invalidate all local ordinances that directly regulate fracking, preempting ordinances that go beyond or conflict with state standards for hydraulic fracturing operations. The bill also allows the oil and gas operator to challenge the application of  more general local ordinances (such as zoning and stormwater ordinances) to fracking operations.  Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: Introduced in the senate 02/25/2015, referred to the committee on rules and operations of the senate, re-referred to Senate committee judiciary I, Ref To House Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations,  Senate Special Message Received For Concurrence in H Amend, Senate Failed Concur In H Com Sub, Senate Conf Com Appointed, House Conf Com Appointed, 09/30/2015  Ratified, signed by Gov. McCrory on 10/01/2015.

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: None