SB 279: Amend Qualifications/Practice of Counseling

The Votes

Voting For:

SENATE: Tom Apodaca (R),Warren Daniel (R), Jim Davis (R), Dan Soucek (R) 

HOUSE: Josh Dobson (R), Chuck McGrady (R), John Ager (D), Brian Turner (D), Joe Sam Queen (D)

Voting Against:

SENATE: Terry Van Duyn (D)

HOUSE: Hugh Blackwell (R), Mike Hagar (R), Jonathan Jordan (R), Michele Presnell (R), Roger West (R), Chris Whitmire (R)

Not Voting:

SENATE: Ralph Hise (R) did not vote 

HOUSE: Susan Fisher (D) excused absence

Summary: SB 279 loosens the qualifications for those approving student instructional material for the reproductive health and safety curriculum and inserts a requirement to include sex trafficking prevention and awareness into the program. Specifically, it changes the requirement from credentialed experts in the field of sexual health education exclusively, to include those in any of the following fields: education, adolescent psychology, behavioral counseling, medicine, human anatomy, biology, ethics, or health education. It also changes the licensing requirements for professional counselor associates for which this bill is named.  Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: Filed by Senate 03/12/2015, Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate, Re-ref to Senate Com On Education/Higher Education, Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House,  Senate Failed Concur In H Com Sub, Senate Conf Com Appointed , House Conf Com Appointed, House Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House , ratified on 9/30/2015, signed by Gov. McCrory on 10/20/2015

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: 

  • none