SB 423: Foster Care Family Act

The Votes

Voting For:

SENATE: Tom Apodaca (R), Jim Davis(R), Ralph Hise (R), Warren Daniel (R), Dan Soucek (R)

HOUSE: Roger West (R), Michele Presnel (R), Chuck McGrady (R), Chris Whitmire (R), Mike Hagar (R), Hugh Blackwell (R), Josh Dobson (R), Jonathan Jordan (R) John Ager (D), Brian Turner (D), Susan Fisher (D) Joe Sam Queen (D)

Voting Against:


Not Voting:

SENATE: Terry Van Duyn (D): excused absence

Summary: SB 423 is intended to create a more normal family environment, reduce stigma, and improve outcomes for children in foster care. Specifically, the bill would open the door for children in foster care to participate in normal, age-appropriate activities like spending the night at a friend's house or playing a sport. It authorizes the creation of an optional liability insurance policy for foster parents which is not intended to cover gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing. For foster children 14 and older, it requires the court to monitor services provided to assist in transition to adulthood. Further, it reduces barriers to foster children to obtain a drivers license by expanding the list of acceptable persons allowed to co-sign the permit or license application. It authorizes the Department of Health and Human Services to study a Medicaid waiver to best serve children with Serious Emotional Disturbance.  Click here for official bill history, bill text, and vote records.

Status: 03/25/2015 Senate Filed, Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate,  Senate Re-ref to Health Care, re-ref to Senate Judiciary I, Senate Sequential Referral To Insurance Added,  Senate Re-ref Com On Judiciary I, Senate Re-ref Com On Insurance, House Ref to the Com on Health, House Re-ref Com On Judiciary III, Senate Concurred In H/Com 06/24/2015  Ratified,  Signed by Gov. McCrory 7/2/2015

WNC Legislators sponsoring the bill: 

  • Co-Sponsers: Warren Daniel (R), Jim Davis (R), Ralph Hise (R), Dan Soucek (R), Terry Van Duyn (D)