The Bills

The WNC Vote Tracker reviews a variety of bills from the 2013-14 and 2015-16 NC General Assmebly legislative sessions and the 2016 special sesion plus the budget bills and 2013 tax plan. These bills have significant impact on one or more of the following issue areas [click the category title to view summaries and voting records on relevant bills]

Economic Security:  These bills address unemployment insurance eligibility, health insurance, housing security, access to public assistance, living wages, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Education: These bills address issues of access to, and quality of, public education. By far, the budget bill (or appropriations bill) contains the most education-related impacts.

Environment: These bills address energy efficiency, environmental regulations/protection, local control of natural resources. The legislature passed a number of other environmental bills that impacted other regions of the state. Those bills are not included here.

Health & Safety: These bills address health insurance, building safety, child safety, and reproductive health.

Government & Democracy: These bills address local control of water resources, election and voting law changes, and repeal of the Racial Justice Act. 

Women's Issues: These bills, already listed under other issue areas, are chosen for the additional impact they have on women's health, economic opportunity, and rights.