Economic Security

Economic Security:  These bills address unemployment insurance eligibility, health insurance, housing security, access to public assistance, and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Click title for summary and voting record

2015 and 2016

HB 465: Women and Children Protection Act of 2015

SB 423: Foster Care Family Act

SB 676: Autism Health Insurance Coverage

HB 318: Protect North Carolina’s Worker’s Act 

HB 174: Landlord/Tenant-Foreclosure and Eviction Changes

2013 and 2014

HB 4: UI [Unemployment Insurance] Funding Solvency and Program Changes - reduces unemployment insurance eligibility and amounts

HB 82: IRC [Internal Revenue Code] Update - ends the NC Earned Income Tax Credit

HB 74: Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 - denies local governments the ability to require living wages for contract employees

HB 392: Warrant Status/Drug Screen Public Assist - requires drug testing for assistance programs

HB 802: Landlord/Tenant/Shorten Eviction Time - shortens tenants time to appeal evictions

SB 4: No NC Exchange/No Medicaid Expansion - opts out of health exchange and expanded Medicaid coverage for adults

SB 402: Appropriations Act of 2013 - the budget bill

SB 489: Consumer Finance Act Amendments - allows high interest "pay day" loans