Environment: These bills address energy efficiency, environmental regulations/protection, local control of natural resources. The legislature passed a number of other environmental bills that impacted other regions of the state. Review the budget bill for additional environmental issues. Click title for summary and voting record.

2015 and 2016:

HB 630: Drinking Water Protection/Coal Ash Cleanup Act

HB405: Property Protection Act

HB157: Amend Environmental Laws

SB 119: GSC Technical Corrections 2015

HB 795: SEPA Reform

HB 765: The Regulatory Reform Act of 2015

2013 and 2014

HB 74: Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 - many changes to environmental regulations including requiring groundwater pollution to be addressed only after it reaches the property line

HB 120: Building Codes: Local Consistency/Exempt Code - changes building code revisions to 6 years

HB 252: Asheville Transfers - Asheville will no longer be able to use water system revenues for street improvements related to waterline projects

HB 488: Regionalization of Public Utilities - transfers Asheville's water system to Metropolitan Sewer District

SB 402: Appropriations Act of 2013 - budget bill