Government & Democracy

Government & Democracy: These bills address local control of water resources, election and voting law changes, and repeal of the Racial Justice Act. Also see the budget bill for more coverage. Click title for summary and voting record. 

2015 and 2016:

HB 2: Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act

HB 972: Law Enforcement Recordings/No Public Record

HB405: Property Protection Act

HB 318: Protect North Carolina’s Worker’s Act

2013 and 2014:

HB 252: Asheville Transfers - Asheville will no longer be able to use water system revenues for street improvements related to waterline projects

HB 488: Regionalization of Public Utilities - transfers Asheville's water system to Metropolitan Sewer District

HB 589: VIVA/Election Reform - requires voter IDs by 2016, shortens early voting and changes voter registration guidelines

SB 306: Capital Punishment/Amendments - repeals NC's Racial Justice Act

SB 402: Appropriations Act of 2013 - the budget