Health & Safety

Health & Safety: These bills address issues related to health insurance, building safety, child safety, and reproductive health. Review the budget bill for additional health and safety issues. Click title for summary and voting record.

2015 and 2016:

HB 2: Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act

HB 632: Student Online Protection Act

HB 424: Prohibit Unlawful Custody Transfer of Child

HB 972: Law Enforcement Recordings/No Public Record

HB405: Property Protection Act

HB 465: Women and Children Protection Act of 2015

SB 423: Foster Care Family Act

SB 676: Autism Health Insurance Coverage

HB 792: Privacy/Protection From Revenge Postings 

HB 174: Landlord/Tenant-Foreclosure and Eviction Changes

SB 279: Amend Qualifications/Practice of Counseling

HB 562: Amend Firearms Law

2013 and 2014:

HB 75: Kilah's Law/Increase Child Abuse Penalties - increases penalties for felony child abuse

HB 120: Building Codes: Local Consistency/Exempt Code - changes building code revisions to 6 years

HB 510: Foster Care Children's Bill of Rights - promotes safety and empowerment of children in foster care

SB 4: No NC Exchange/No Medicaid Expansion - opts out of health exchange and expanded Medicaid coverage for adults

SB 402: Appropriations Act of 2013 - budget bill

SB 353: Health and Safety Law Changes - will apply licensing requirements for ambulatory surgical centers to abortion providers